I forgot my password.

Please see your clinic administrator (usually your HR person), who will have all the information you need regarding your upcoming clinic, including your company login username, company password, and access to your personal password if needed.

I need to change or cancel my appointment time.

This can be done as easily as signing up for the original appointment. Just log in and follow the simple instructions. If you would like more detailed assistance, we have a short video demo available from every page.

As a clinic administrator, how do I view scheduled appointments?

The instructions for this were part of your confirmation email. We attempt to make sure only the administrators have instructions on how to access the online registration, so if you inadvertently deleted your confirmation email or otherwise need further assistance, please contact us.

How do I schedule a flu vaccination?

Your clinic administrator should have all of the information for you regarding the username and password you will need. When you log in just follow the simple instructions. Please see the short video demo on how to make an appointment if you want more assistance.

How do I schedule a date and time for an onsite flu clinic?

Fill out a reservation form. You will then receive a confirmation email confirming your clinic date and time.

What is Thimerosal-Free vaccination?

Thimerosal is a mercury-based preservative that has been used for decades in the U.S. in multi-dose vials of vaccines. Vaccines containing thimerosal are not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers. OccuVAX is utilizing a thimerosal-free single-dose quadrivalent vaccine, that is also cell-based.

I had a stomach bug a while ago. Was it the flu?

Many different illnesses are mistakenly called "the flu" but the actual flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. It can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death. The best way to prevent the flu is by getting a flu vaccination each year. Symptoms of flu include:

  • fever (usually high)
  • headache
  • extreme tiredness
  • dry cough
  • sore throat , runny or stuffy nose
  • muscle aches
  • Stomach symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, also can occur but are more common in children than adults

How do I benefit from my company having a flu clinic?

Viruses such as influenza are easily spread in an environment like an office where people are in close quarters for extended periods. Infected persons can take the virus home to loved ones or out to others without even realizing it, and thus the flu spreads.

The convenience of being able to get your flu vaccination at work rather than having to make a doctor's appointment makes it more likely that you will be vaccinated, which will also protect your family, friends and co-workers.

Is my information private when I post it online?

Yes. Your information is being received by OccuVAX's private, on-site secure server. Each company (and each clinic within a company) has its own password. The information you provide the computer is for the purpose of giving you a unique identifier so that the computer can assign you a time slot for your appointment and keep you separate from other employee signups.

Under the HIPAA law, your medical information must be kept confidential and we are not allowed to share or for it to be viewed by unauthorized persons.